Arizona’s Court System

"best law firm for creditors'If you are considering litigating a civil matter in Arizona, it is important to know a little about the court system.  Arizona has 4 levels in its court structure:

  1. Limited jurisdiction.  Courts of limited jurisdiction are justice and municipal (or city) courts. These courts have jurisdiction over a limited variety of cases. The matters heard in limited jurisdiction courts are not required to be on permanent record, but many keep a record of the proceedings anyway.
  2. General jurisdiction.  The Superior Court of Arizona is a general jurisdiction court and a statewide trial court. This court hears the widest variety of cases and keeps permanent records of court proceedings.
  3. State appellate courts.  The state appellate courts have jurisdiction to review trials and decisions appealed to them. Most appeals come from the superior courts.
  4. Arizona Supreme court.  The Supreme Court is not required to hear every appeal.  The Supreme Court justices review Petitions for Review of a court of appeals decision and decide whether or not they will hear the case.

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