Payment Guidelines for Clients & Customers

Payment Guidelines for Clients & CustomersCashflow_173px_ezineIf you deal with a variety of customers or clients, it is important that you establish firm and clear payment guidelines. These guidelines should be incorporated into a credit application and signed by the customer. Additionally, terms should be printed on your shipping documents, invoices and contracts.

Examples of guidelines that creditors typically use include:

  • Payment is due within 30 days from the date goods or services are provided
  • If payment is not received within that time, the creditor should provide written notice to the customer or client that the account will be turned over to an attorney if payment is not received
  • Call the customer to follow-up and discuss a forthcoming payment
  • If payment is not timely received, the account should be placed with an attorney
  • A creditor’s rights attorney will use every resource available to recover the money owed to you

Many creditors wait too long before taking efforts to recover the money owed to them. The longer you delay, the less likely you are to get paid in full.  As time passes, the borrower may move or close business. The information provided on the credit application becomes outdated, making tracking down the borrower more difficult.

If you need help creating payment guidelines or enforcing them, contact Windtberg & Zdancewicz today.

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