Questions to Ask BEFORE you Hire an Attorney!

"best creditor's attorney in Arizona"Hiring the right attorney to handle your collection matters is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business.  But how do you know which attorney is the “right one?”  While there are many factors to consider, below are a few important questions to ask the attorneys you are considering hiring:

  • Is the attorney experienced?  Do not assume that the attorney has experience handling accounts or claims similar to yours.  You should specifically ask them how many years they have practiced in the area of collections and what percentage of their practice is focused on creditor’s rights.
  • What can you expect to recover?  The attorney should inform you of the likelihood of success in collecting the past due amounts.  Be wary of law firms that “guarantee” success.  An experienced lawyer knows that success in litigation can rarely be guaranteed and he will prepare you for the different turns that your case may take.
  • What will it cost you?  There are many types of rates, such as flat, hourly, or blended, so it is important to understand what services are included in their fee.  What is most important is that the attorney and the client are clear and comfortable with the fee agreement.
  • What can you expect?  It is important to understand how the attorney will communicate with you.  Your initial consultation will tell you a lot about how comfortable you feel with the lawyer, so your gut instinct is usually right.

Take the time to interview attorneys and choose one you trust and feel comfortable representing you or your business.  Asking questions will help you feel completely confident in your decision.


The attorneys at Windtberg & Zdancewicz, PLC, provide clients with experienced legal representation.  Our attorneys handle cases from pre-litigation negotiations through litigation, obtaining and enforcing judgments to collect what our clients are owed.  We are experienced in creditor’s rights including garnishments, charging orders, attachment, property execution, trustee’s sales, foreclosures, judgments, judgment collection, domestication of foreign judgments, and creditor’s issues in bankruptcy cases.  If you need assistance, or are interested in learning more, please contact us at (480) 584-5660.



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