Terminology For Creditors: REO and OREO

Foreclosure Process in ArizonaA property is foreclosed upon by a lender, but the property remains unsold after a foreclosure auction or Trustee’s sale. The lender still retains the property, which is now classified as an REO – “Real Estate Owned.”

The original term from which REO is derived is OREO –“Other Real Estate Owned.” This is a term found on a financial institution’s financial statement to describe real property that is owned by, but that does not materially relate to the business of, that institution.

Holding a portfolio of REO properties may not offer tremendous value to a financial institution.  They may not even have the potential to recoup what is owed on a loan.

REO disposition refers to the business of handling, selling and otherwise managing REO properties.  As unattractive as these distressed assets may be to lenders, REOs have assumed a substantial position in the portfolio holdings of some real estate managers.

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