Writ of Execution….Seizing your judgment debtor’s assets

"best collection law firm"If you have an Arizona judgment, it is only a piece of paper until you take action to collect it.  A Writ of Execution is a process where the sheriff or constable seizes property of a judgment debtor and then sells that property at a public sale.  The proceeds from the sale are used to pay all or portion of the judgment balance.  A writ of execution must be issued by a court before a sheriff can take any action to enforce it.  In Arizona, there are 2 types of writs of execution:

  • General Writ of Execution.  A general writ of execution allows the Sheriff to seize any non-exempt, personal property of the judgment debtor.  If the sale of the personal property does not satisfy the balance owed on the judgment, the Sheriff can levy and execute on the debtor’s real property.
  • Special Writ of Execution.  A special writ of execution instructs the sheriff to seize a specific item of personal property from the judgment debtor and sell it.

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